Dr. Amy offers gentle care to both children and expecting mothers.

Is chiropractic really safe for children?

Yes. Chiropractic treatment of children is not the same as it is for adults.  It is gentle and is a very low force technique.  Many children actually enjoy it because they feel better afterward and the gentle massage that goes along with the adjustment helps as well.


Why is chiropractic care beneficial for children?

There are several reasons children need chiropractic care.  The most important one being, they are still developing skeletally, muscularly, neurologically, developmentally, etc.  Regular chiropractic treatments help to fix structural asymmetries BEFORE they become problems.


Why should children have chiropractic care?


What areas of my child's health can be helped with pediatric chiropractic?

  • Decreased Ear Infections

  • Decreased ADHD symptoms

  • Increased Immunity

  • Improved Sleep

What can be done for expecting mothers?

Many expecting mothers have back pain during pregnancy, it is almost expected with the vast changes that occur in a woman's body during that time.  Hormones cause ligaments and tendons to stretch more, bones change position to allow room for the baby, and excess stress is placed on the front mid-section of the body causing the back muscles to work harder than normal.  Chiropractic treatment of back pain for moms-to-be is a safe, natural way to alleviate pain without the risk that comes with medication.  You don't have to be in pain, relief is a gentle adjustment away.

Chiropractic and Pregnancy: Greater Comfort and Safer Births

Is there a chance Dr. Amy can help if my child is breech?

Yes, if your doctor, midwife, doula, etc. has said your baby is breech there is a technique that has helped thousands of mothers-to-be.

 The Webster Technique - It is a chiropractic technique that corrects sacral misalignment, balances pelvic muscles, and relaxes specific ligaments attached to the uterus.  Correction of these imbalances removes torsion in the woman's uterus and allows the baby to move freely inside the uterus.  The baby is then free to move into the natural birth position.  This technique is highly effective and very safe.  It involves gentle pressure on specific bones and ligaments.  Please contact Dr. Amy at 610-438-6259 or dramy.ahc@gmail.com if you have questions.