Advancing Your Health Naturally

We are delighted to welcome you to our practice and are pleased that you chose us to serve your chiropractic and wellness needs. Your first visit will take approximately 1 hour and you can expect:

  • A warm introduction to Dr. Amy and/or Dr. John, our office, and our staff.

  • A thorough examination and assessment of your current health situation.

  • A discussion of the most effective treatment plan to meet your health and wellness goals.

  • A gentle chiropractic treatment that will get you on the road to feeling better.

We are able to email you initial paperwork you can complete electronically on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  (No printer needed.)  Of course, you are also welcome to arrive 15 minutes earlier to relax and complete the initial forms in our office. Please remember any insurance cards if you would like our office to submit insurance claims for you.

Some people are apprehensive about receiving chiropractic care due to various common misconceptions and incorrect information on this topic. We at Advanced Health Chiropractic, want you to gain the maximum amount of healing possible, which means being comfortable with the care you are receiving.  Please feel free to discuss with Dr. Amy, Dr. John or the staff any concerns you may have prior to becoming a patient or any time there after.  We can be reached by calling 610-438-6259 or by e-mail at .

The Initial Visit

The typical initial visit begins with a sit down discussion with your doctor.  They will ask you about your past and current health history, your current health challenge, complicating factors that may be blocking your healing, and your future health goals.  Then, they will move onto a focused physical exam that addresses the aspects of your health your are concerned about. During the exam, the doctor will explain to you what your current health problem is in everyday terms you can understand. They will state and explain your treatment options and give you their opinion of what is the most effective form of treatment.

A detailed explanation of each stage of treatment will be given before you are asked if you would like to proceed with that treatment.  If you agree with the proposed treatment plan, it is most likely the doctor will begin care at that point.  In rare cases specific diagnostic tests are needed before treatment can begin, so the patient is not treated on the same day as the initial visit.  If the doctor believes you will benefit from another treatment more than chiropractic care, they will make an appropriate referral to that specialist.  Our doctors pride themselves on helping all patients reach their maximum level of health.  If they are not able to help you, they want to get you to another professional that can.

What treatments may be recommended for me?

Electric stimulation pads are placed on muscles in spasm.

Electric stimulation pads are placed on muscles in spasm.

  • Electric Stimulation - A modality that uses electrical energy to gently relax muscles and allow for an optimal chiropractic adjustment. Most people find electric stimulation very relaxing and think of it as a "mini massage".



  • Cryotherapy - The application of a cold compress to an area of the body to reduce blood flow and inflammation. It can be administered as an ice pack or ice massage.

  • Moist Heat Therapy - The application of a clay hot pack that is soaked in hot water and wrapped in a plush towel to an area of the body to increase blood flow and reduce muscle spasm.

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound - A modality that uses sound waves projected into an area of the body to effect the deeper tissues that other modalities can not reach. Ultrasound can be used to reduce inflammation (swelling) or decrease muscle spasm depending on the machine's operational settings. Warm ultrasound gel is applied to the area being treated to facilitate conduction of the sound waves into the deeper tissues of injured area for maximum results. Most people do not feel anything during the ultrasound treatment, but experience results a couple hours after treatment.

Ultrasound therapy reduced inflammation in the knee.

Ultrasound therapy reduced inflammation in the knee.


  • Myofascial Release - A soft tissue technique done by hand (similar to massage) that deals with the covering surrounding muscles called the fascia.

  • Graston Technique - An instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization that reduces adhesions (scar tissue) under the skin's surface to allow for fluid range of motion in the body. More information can be found at .

  • Manual Chiropractic Adjustments - The technique in which the chiropractor moves one or more specific joints in the spine. This is achieved through a high velocity, low force push or pull that some times results in a "popping" sound called cavitation. Our doctors are extremely gentle when performing these types of adjustments. They will never use more force than what is necessary and have performed adjustments on people ranging in size from a two month old girl to a 350 pound man.

  • Thompson Drop Technique - A low force technique in which the chiropractor uses special areas on the chiropractic table to absorb force that is put into the patient's body. This allows the chiropractor to move joints in the patient's spine without the patient having to turn on his side or move into different positions. This is very helpful when a patient is in acute pain and movement is uncomfortable.

  • Activator Chiropractic Adjustments - Another low force technique in which the chiropractor uses a small instrument to move specific joints. This instrument gives a regulated push that neurologically affects the joints and muscles to help reduce pain and increase range of motion. This technique can be implemented from almost any position and is very gentle. It is also safe for people with severe health conditions such as osteoporosis.

  • Extremity Chiropractic Adjustments - This is used when a chiropractor wants to move a joint anywhere other than in the spine to restore normal joint motion and proper bio-mechanics to the adjusted joint. Our doctors believe this is an extremely important area of treatment that must be addressed to obtain maximum healing in a minimum amount of time.

  • Therapeutic Exercise - The stretching or strengthening of specific muscles and tendons to achieve decreased pain and increased stability of injured areas of the body. The doctor may ask you to perform given exercises at the office, at home, or both. They believe this is the area of rehabilitation that many people do not receive and are therefore, more prone to relapses and re-injury.

  • Massage Therapy - Specific manual soft tissue therapy to decrease spasm and increase active range of motion. This technique is done by a licensed massage therapist at the clinical request of Dr. Amy or Dr. John. This technique is performed separately from your chiropractic care. Treatment usually lasts one hour and may be covered by your insurance. Check out the "Massage" link under “Services Available” for more information.

  • Nutritional Advice - Dr. Amy may recommend you take specific nutrition supplements to facilitate quicker healing from a musculoskeletal condition. Nutritional counseling is a separate service that is more detailed and deals with a specific health problem such as weight management. We carry a wide variety of supplements including the Standard Process/MediHerb line. Nutrition counseling is not covered by insurance. Initial visits are $50 + any supplements you decide to purchase and then follow up appointments with Dr. Amy are $30 + the supplements you again decide to purchase.