Healing and relaxation are here waiting for you. 

At Advanced Health Chiropractic, we have several types of massage to help you find the healing and relaxation you need.  Whether you are trying to melt away your pain and troubles or find relief from a sports related injury, we can help you find the massage type that best fits you.

Did you know that some insurance companies cover massage therapy if it is done under the direction of a physician and is medically necessary?  Please give our office a call to find out if this applies to you.

We only have the most skilled therapists here.  They give excellent quality massages to help relieve muscle tension and pain. Our massage therapists are under the direction of Dr. Amy Alves and are skilled in therapeutic massage.  They give luxurious care Monday through Saturday.

Millions of people seek the specialized skills of massage therapists every year.  Massage has shown itself to be effective in treating such conditions as low back pain, neck pain, chronic headaches, shoulder problems, knee pain, and anxiety.  To make sure you get the exact massage care you are looking for, we offer several different styles of massage therapy.  If you need help deciding which style is right for you feel free to call our office or e-mail us at ahc3700@gmail.com

Types of Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage $70/hour, $100/90 minutes

A traditional body massage that has a profound effect when targeting the entire body. Swedish massage promotes increased circulation, range of motion, relaxation, and overall well being.  It speeds up recovery by removing lactic acid build up, stretching muscle fibers, and relieving pain.

 Therapeutic Medical Massage $70/hour, $100/90 minutes

More therapeutic than Swedish massage; this treatment is ideal for chronic or acute stiffness and soreness in the muscle tissue, tendons, or joints.  It targets specific areas using moderate to deep pressure to release trigger points.

Reflexology $70/hour, $100/90 minutes

Based upon the Eastern philosophy that each of the body's major organs can be treated through corresponding reflex points in the feet, this treatment relaxes and revitalizes the entire body.  It is also used in Eastern cultures to aid in the treatment of other systemic conditions.

Pregnancy Massage $70/hour, $100/90 minutes

A gentle massage providing relaxation for the mother-to-be and the baby, it relieves stress on the weight bearing joints as well as reducing neck/lower back discomfort and swelling.

Hot Stone Massage $80/hour, $110/90 minutes

A unique experience blending traditional massage techniques with oil and the deep penetrating heat of volcanic stones, it leaves the body feeling relaxed and balanced.


 Massage Therapy Policy

  1. Please arrive five minutes before your massage to get comfortable. Sessions that begin late due to the client's late arrival still end at the scheduled time and are full price.

  2. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please offer 24 hours notice. If you cancel under 24 hours of the scheduled time, you will be charged the full cost of your session. Please call during business hours (do not e-mail) should you need to cancel within 24 hours.

  3. If you do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged the full cost of the session.

  4. When making your massage appointment, please take an appointment card or log the appointment in your planner or mobile device. We DO send text message reminders but these are a courtesy and should not be relied on to remind you of your appointment. The front desk can always print out your scheduled appointments and/or email them to you.